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New Happy Swan has gained a reputation for its traditional yet creative cuisine. New Happy Swan serves a variety of savory recipes, from traditional Cantonese, Chinese, Peking to some newer creations. Our customers have been coming to us for years to experience delivery done right. Whether you’re after a quick meal to feed the family or you’re catering for a work lunch, New Happy Swan is the place for you.

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120 Fortis Green Road
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New Happy Swan Customer Reviews

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  • There was not one dish that was delicious and authentic. The Szechuan prawns bland and sweet, the meat in the deer and sour pork inedible and I couldn't tell it was pork, the sauce very thin and runny. The chopsuey was in the same runny sweet and sour cause as the pork. My acid test is the hot and sour soup. This was watery and bland. A complete waste of money


  • Good food but took a while to come though we were informed and they did apologise. ..


  • Excellent food very tasty, lovely friendly manager who delivers the food herself! Speedy service. The best Chinese in the area by far


  • Food is amazing. Getting a bit sick of the driver demanding £2 even though the restaurant states free delivery!


  • Awful. Arrived on time but food was tasteless, greasy and warm not hot. All in the bin.


  • Singapore Noodles are listed without their ingredients, so I only found out they are not vegetarian when it arrived here and the delivery person left. more info is needed on the menu.


  • Best Chinese in the area. The food is excellent.


  • Good sized potion but awful food. Both of us got sick, never ever again


  • The food tasted amazing it was just so spot on ordering again ♥️♥️


  • Delivery in good time and the lady was very pleasant. The food is salty and very very oily..very difficult to enjoy tbh...had many fruits we both felt like throwing up


  • Excellent


  • good but slow, lovely owner but need a better delivery driver !


  • Tasted a bit off abd different. An we've now spent all of today being ill. Used to like but but never going back


  • Always lovely food - speedy delivery.


  • Was pretty good but not the best Chinese take-out I've had in the area. Delivery was late, but it was a Saturday night. The worst dish was the salt and pepper squid - even taking into account how difficult it is to keep it crispy while transporting, this was exceptionally soggy, with a pool of liquid at the bottom of the container. It was also a very small portion size for the price and pretty bland, with not enough chili and seasoning. The other dishes were better, especially the yellowbean chicken.